X Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators: Documents


 Accreditation Documentation, OFSOA

Worksheet to document accreditation training and to submit to the accreditation committee for accreditation.

 Accreditation Guidelines, OFSOA

This document describes the OFSOA Accreditation Program: what training is needed, how to document, and where to send application for accreditation.

 Accreditation Member Achievement History, OFSOA

OFSOA members who have received their Accreditation certification(s)

 Accreditation Notice of Course Completion and/or Interdepartment Training

This form is for OFSOA members to fill out and have the instructor sign when they take a class.

 Accreditation Outline, OFSOA

Shows total hours in each category for OFSOA Level 1, Level II, and Level III accreditation.

 Accreditation Training History, OFSOA

OFSOA Training History

 Accreditation Training History, OFSOA

Documentation of OFSOA Training. Posted 10/2010

 Board Position Application

Application to serve in a board position

 Bylaws, OFSOA

OFSOA Bylaws

 Event Planning Participation Request, OFSOA

If you would like to host an OFSOA event, please fill out this form and have your Chief or Chief Executive Officer sign and return to OFSOA Business Office.

 Exemption Certificate for Lodging

Template for lodging tax exemption certificate.

 Exemption Certificate for Lodging Form

Exemption Certificate with form fields that can be filled out on the computer and then printed on most letter heads.

 Member survey, final report Dec 2011

Survey of membership on satifaction with the organization, how OFSOA benefits its members, how we can improve

 Membership and Renewal Application, OFSOA

Form used to apply for OFSOA membership or to renew membership and to update information in the OFSOA Member's Corner. Membership year is July 1st to June 30th.

 Merchandise Fillable Order Form, OFSOA

Fillable PDF form that can be used to order OFSOA logo merchandise from the Merchandise Coordinator

 Money Receipt Recap, OFSOA

Use to record money received at OFSOA events and turn in with money to treasurer.

 Participation Tracking Log

To assist in tracking member service hours while representing OFSOA at OFSOA functions or other fire service events.

 Procedure Manual, OFSOA

Revised May 2018

 Prospective Member Brochure, OFSOA

A brochure for prospective members that gives a brief overview of OFSOA. If you want to print the brochure, it looks great on recycled grey paper. Last updated 12/28/2016.

 Region Rep Postcard, OFSOA

Post card that Region Reps can modify and use to send members Region news.

 Regions, OFSOA

State map that shows which counties are in the OFSOA Regions. Updated 9/2006

 Reimbursement/Check Authorization Form, OFSOA

Form used to request reimbursement or payment for OFSOA expenses

 Scholarship Application, OFSOA

Scholarship Application for OFSOA members to attend OFSOA sponsored training.


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