The Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators

The Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators evolved from informal networking to formation of a state-wide organization in July 1991. Needs of fire service administrative personnel were identified, and in the fall of 1992, a mission statement, objectives, and bylaws were developed based upon those needs. Charter Officers were installed in January 1993.

Although emphasis has primarily been to meet the needs of administrative personnel, anyone affiliated with a fire service organization is eligible for membership and encouraged to attend OFSOA-sponsored training activities. Associate memberships are also available.

In 1996 the organization began a process to re-evaluate its mission and establish goals to ensure that the needs of the membership are met. As a result of those goals, an Accreditation Program was adopted to provide a process for members to track individual training and to acquire three levels of recognized accreditation.

As the organization grows, you will see its goals and objectives change, but its members remain dedicated to upholding the mission and values adopted by OFSOA.



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