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OSFM Annual Report - Update from Meeting & OAIRS Information

Tue, Jul 29, 2008

As most of you know, I met with State Fire Marshal Nancy Orr this past Friday while I was in Salem. As requested by the OFSOA board members, I met with Nancy and her staff to discuss discrepancies with the supplement to the 2007 annual report that was released. During the meeting I met with Nancy, Scott Showers (Data Services Manager), Donna Disch (Operations & Policy Analyst), Rich Hoover (Community Affairs Specialist), and Brian Dornan (Fire Reporting Assistant). I think the meeting was very productive.

I received several e-mails from OFSOA members that were very valuable in my presentation of data to Nancy and the group. It was evident to me that several of our member departments had data that was printed incorrectly in the supplement to the annual report for 2007. The areas of concern included the incident counts for other incidents and mutual aid, the public education section, the population and valuation section and more. Information in appendixes one through five was found to have various errors.

Nancy was very receptive to all of the information I had to share with her. Nancy acknowledged that the information is incorrect and that we need to correct the information in a timely manner. The technical part of why the information is incorrect was not discussed in depth. Nancy assured me that the errors will be corrected. I expect the 2008 report to be accurate and thorough. Nancy is aware of the effect that this incorrect information can have on grants and bond measures. Nancy assured me that her staff will be providing accurate information to FEMA and other government agencies.

The data services unit will begin sending out quarterly reminders to all agencies as a courtesy reminder to export and send in your data each quarter. I know we all get busy in our daily duties, so I think a quarterly reminder will be helpful for all of us. The data services unit will also have an updated version of OAIRS for anyone that is using Microsoft 2007 instead of Microsoft 2003. The version should be released within the next month or so for those that will need it.

The OAIRS or soon to be ORRS (Oregon Revised Reporting System) system is moving forward. While in Salem on Friday, I attended two vendor presentations who submitted bids for the new system. There is a five panel board that will be choosing the vendor. The panel consists of Paul LeSage (TVF&R), Scott Showers (OSFM Data Services Manager), a consultant hired by the OSFM and two members of the State of Oregon Procurement Office. I believe that signing of contracts will be the next phase and then work should begin on the new ORRS. Once work begins, I believe the project is stated to take approximately 1 year.

I hope the information above is informative and helpful. I will continue to be a liaison between OFSOA and the OSFM. I will continue to be in contact with Nancy and Scott regarding the updated information. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail or via phone at (541) 673-4459.

Thanks again for your patience and assistance. I hope you all have a great week.

Amy Anderson-Rice
Staff Assistant
City of Roseburg Fire Department

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