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Oregon Life Safety Team Meeting Notes

Thu, Nov 20, 2008

OLST Meeting Notes (as best as I can remember) – 11/20/2008

At today’s meeting we received an update on the Toylike lighter legislation. Judy Okulitch shared a draft of Legislative Concept 909 for Oregon that; prohibits selling, offering for sale, or distributing novelty lighters in Oregon. She encouraged people to contact their local representative to ask that they support the bill in the next legislative session. Judy also had on hand some very interesting new Toylike lighters including one that looks like a rubber ducky, a camera, and a miniature construction vehicle.

Patricia Mieszala from NFPA did a very informative presentation on “A New Direction – in Public Education – NFPA Your Source for Safety Information”. She covered the history and success of the “Learn Not to Burn” Curriculum, the “Risk Watch” program and website, “Risk Watch” Safe Community designation program, and the “Remembering When” fire and fall prevention program for older adults.

Patricia also touched on the improvements and resources available on www.NFPA.org for Public Educators under the learning tab. She also touched on the NFPA Public Education Scholarship Program and the Remembering When Scholarship Program. For more information on these scholarship programs visit their website. She also showed samples of the “Community Programs” CD’s that were mailed to every fire department and indicated that the same information is available on their website. The CD’s allow departments to print out the materials to launch a safety campaign in their community. The most recent one is titled “Keeping Your Community Cooking Safely”.

Patricia also touched on NFPA’s new Goal: “Position NFPA as the primary source of fire and other hazard information to reduce residential deaths, injury, and property loss”. They are increasing their outreach and look to become a sharing resource for public educators. She encouraged everyone to sign up for their Safety Source newsletter to get the latest information on their programs, statistics, education tips, life saves, and more.

In summary, Patricia had a lot of great information to share from NFPA – so watch for more great things and resources to come.

Next meeting is January 15th at 1:30 PM at the OSFM office in Salem.

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