The Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators evolved from an informal networking group, who met to identify the needs of fellow fire service personnel, to the formation of a state-wide organization in July 1991.

In the fall of 1992 a mission statement, “Sharing a Standard of Excellence,” was defined. The objectives and bylaws were developed and in January 1993 Charter Officers were installed.

In 1996 the organization began a process to re-evaluate its mission and establish goals to ensure that the needs of the membership were being met. The organization strives to assist and provide quality education to its members. As such, an Accreditation Program was adopted to provide a process for members to track individual training and to acquire four levels of organizationally recognized accreditation.

OFSOA holds an annual conference and other trainings that offer educational opportunities in areas of Communication, Financial, Office Management, Operations, and Interpersonal Dynamics. The criteria are a benchmark of the accreditation process. The accreditation program has been very successful and has four levels members can achieve.  More information on the program is available on the accreditation page.  In addition to the educational aspect of the workshop and conference, members enjoy the comradery and support they receive from fellow fire service personnel when attending OFSOA’s events throughout the year.

As the organization grows, you will see its goals and objectives change, but its members remain dedicated to upholding the mission, vison and values adopted by OFSOA.

Although emphasis has primarily been to meet the needs of administrative personnel, anyone affiliated with a fire service organization is eligible for membership and encouraged to attend OFSOA-sponsored training events. Associate memberships are also available.

OFSOA is proud to be a part of the Oregon Fire Service and the organization has become highly respected by our Oregon Fire Service partners including the Oregon Fire District Directors Association and Oregon Fire Chief’s Association.

Questions about joining OFSOA? Check out our How to Join OFSOA FAQ!